Welcome to Fish & Fisheries in a Changing World at UAF!

I love autumn!  The leaves are turning,  coho salmon are headed upstream to spawn,  the smell of cranberries is in the air.

And autumn is the start of another round of FISH 110 at UAF, and I’m so glad you are joining me on the journey.   We have a strong group starting this year (in fisheries lingo, you all are a big ‘cohort’ representing a ‘recruitment event’), which I know will only make our time together more meaningful.


1) Class meets at 9:45- 11:15 every Tuesday and Thursday (holidays excepted). Students in Fairbanks are expected to come in person  to class in 201 O’Neill Building on the UAF west ridge (Directions  HERE)

2) Students not in Fairbanks, or with permission by me, will connect with the class via Zoom.   The details for connecting are here:

  • Via your computer, laptop, or mobile device click the following link:    https://alaska.zoom.us/j/478988808?pwd=WUttaWxOTWhsWmdacEFzYXh6Rm45Zz09
  • If prompted, the password for the class is Fish110
  • I recommend you try playing with Zoom to test your microphone, webcam, and to get used to the interface.
  • Note, this is a NEW interface for UAF and so we are working out the kinks together. I appreciate your patience and help figuring it out in advance


Fish and Fisheries in a Changing World