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Extra Credit Opportunity-Due December 13

Course evaluations are always important to me, but even more so this year given the transition onto Zoom during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Your task: please fill out the course evaluation of FISH 110 that you can access through Blackboard or through invites in email from

If at least 90% of the class respond, everyone will receive 10 points of extra credit to their final grade. 


Retake Quiz by 11:59 pm October 9

If you missed the quiz, or if you are unhappy with your score you have a second chance!

Another version of the quiz is available for download, completion, and upload on Blackboard.

Using the honor system, take no more than 90 total minutes to complete your quiz, CLOSED BOOK AND NOTES.

Upload your saved work (verify it is saved in your PDF) using the link on Blackboard.

Remember to download and open the PDF in a viewer such as Adobe Reader. Filling in answers to the form while still in your web browser will not save your answers.

A warning to those that are retaking the quiz with the hope of increasing their score: I will use this score for your final grade rather than taking your best score. Thus, there is some risk in your choice.



New FTT response format

I’ve heard you all loud and clear that the approach being used to organize weekly FTT topics and responses was confusing and leading students to miss assignments. Let’s adapt!

New topics that are pending your response will be ‘pinned’ to the top of the home page. You can click on that and enter your response.

Let’s give this a try!


Quiz 1 Instructions

Your quiz becomes available for downloading at 9:30 am tomorrow and is due no later than 12pm. The quiz is designed to take no more than 45 minutes, but take the time you need. Please honor the request to not use notes or other materials, and work alone on this. I  will be online at 9:45-11:15 to field any questions.

Instructions for accessing, downloading, completing, and submitting your FISH 110 quiz.

  1. Log into Blackboard at or through UAonline or other routes (there are many)
  2. Select FISH 110 from your list of classes, and click on menu option called Quizzes and Exams on the left of your navigation pane
  3. Within the Quizzes and Exams folder you will find two (2) links: one is a file that allows you to download your exam and another that allows you to submit your exam
  4. Click to download your exam as a PDF document. Complete all questions to the best of your ability, typing your answers into the boxes below each of the 5 questions. Save your Quiz in the format: YourFirstName, YourLastName, FISH110Quiz1.pdf
  5. When complete and saved, upload your document by clicking on the link called ‘Upload Quiz 1 Here’
  6. Reconsider your choice for Expert Panel projects (we forgot on Tuesday to form teams!) and then have a good weekend. We will get rolling on Expert Panels on Tuesday.

Welcome to Fish & Fisheries in a Changing (or Changed?) World!

An Eye Towards the Start of Class

Hi all!

First off, let me say how excited I am to leap into a new semester in a class that has a title that feels so poignant for the times! When I designed the course I wanted to capture the sense that fisheries are operating in a constantly changing environment. Never could this be more true than during the midst of a global pandemic!

You are indeed a historical cohort of students, beginning your university career in the time of Covid-19. Adaptation is a key theme in FISH 110 and the pandemic forces us in class to adapt too.  Compared to past years, I will be operating a bit differently given that 100% of us will be engaging via Zoom. There will be more interaction, more discussion, and the pace of the course will be mellowed. All of these changes are a good thing, and I’m really excited to jump into this journey with you all.

I will be responding soon with details on how to securely join with Zoom our class sessions that will occur every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:45 am -11:15 am AK Time.