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    The rise of Salmo domesticus while the Chinook Salmon are declining can show that there is a great fall in ecosystems for the salmons needs. The salmon needed three things from the wild which was oxygen rich water, lakes or water covered by woods, and free flowing water. When this became less and less available for the salmon their population began to decline. Since this type of salmon among other types began to have a downfall there was a high need for salmon in the public and wild salmon was being found little to nowhere at the time.The rise of the Salmo domesticus is showing this because they are the salmon that are farmed for people because the wild salmon became a dying problem. These results are related in my opinion because as the Chinook salmon began to decrease people wanted to find a way to still have salmon even though they could not find them in the wild. This is when they started farming salmon and the rise of Salmo domesticus began.

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