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    If I were to rank our global fish stocks’ overall health, I would put it at about a 7/10, but that’s only if I am considering it in terms of the fish stocks that humans find most useful. We are well aware that most highly sought after fish populations are in constant danger of being overexploited, and yet it seems that highly destructive forces (pollution, climate change/acid ocean, overfishing, habitat loss, invasive species) are largely ignored or insufficiently mitigated. I do believe that it is unlikely that our consumption of wild fish stocks will be able to continue at the current market demand. However, from a non-human-centric perspective, it seems to me that there is plenty of time for fish stocks to rebound from most of these problems, especially once we learn to better manage our desired food populations. Just because we can’t bring about an easy solution to these human-made problems doesn’t mean that species aren’t going to be able to rebound from extreme population declines.

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