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    Wild fish objectives:

    In the conclusion of Four Fish, Paul Greenberg proposes that it is time for clear achievable goals to be put into place in order to protect our wild fish resources. His proposal included four areas of concern: profound reduction in fishing effort, marine sanctuaries, global protection of unmanageable species, and protection for the bottom of the food chain. Protecting species that inhabit multiple national waters is very difficult. A common argument from developing nations is that they are not allowed the same opportunities other nations have prospered from. I would propose an International Sustainability Initiative, this would reallocate subsidies from developed nations and provide an incentive for developing nations to reign in their fishing practices. Subsidies could be awarded for modernizing fishing fleets, putting in place fishing regulations, enhancing law enforcement, and improving management practices. Not to say they are the only reason fish stocks are dwindling but this could be an area of improvement. Clearly, this would be difficult, requiring an international agreement, however, with current public awareness I think it may be possible.


    I believe that this can be taken a step further in that only countries that have a certain high level of fishery development should reallocate the subsidies, and let the rest of the countries volunteer should they feel the need to further help it.


    This is an interesting idea. In order to do this, it would require much communication between countries, but if it worked, it could help relive pressure on certain fisheries for sure.

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