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    Kyleigh McArthur

    Sustainability, as Solow mentioned, is an incredibly vague concept. In my mind, a sustainable resource in one that can be used without the fear of using it all up. A resource that is able to be used continuously throughout a long period of time in particular. Solow believes that sustainability depends on not only the resource, but also another resource to replace it or something good coming out of the use of the resource other than the simple burning of coal for energy. He believed that we should be able to provide something in return, a substitute, in order to successfully approach sustainability.

    In my opinion, sustainability does, or at least should depend on the availability of substitutes. If we are going to drill for oil, or burn fossil fuels for a fuel source, there should be some sort of substitute for these one-use resources. Also, burning fuel causes a lot of air pollution by emitting CO2 into the air. The earth can only take so much without damage arising from all of this pollution. We are already noticing changes to our environments. The pH is changing in the water, the global temperatures are rising, there is so much CO2 causing problems.

    Wild fisheries are struggling with the demand for wild salmon. It makes sense to provide a substitute to sustain wild fisheries. In this case however, farmed fish, or AquaAdvantage do provide a substitute for salmon. It may not be as wild or genetically the same as what people are accustomed to, but it does help with the supply and demand for salmon.

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