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    Sustainability in my own words is the management and security of resources that life depends on to survive. The management of salmon is the first thought into my head when I think of sustainability. We manage our wild sources of salmon to ensure that they will continue to live and thrive in their next generations. We manage how we affect populations by how much we harvest, regulate pollution, and construction. It fits with Solow’s definition because he believes that we need to take care of the resources we have now and spend them wisely so that humankind can survive. Without sustainability and mismanagement, we will run out of needed resources to keep us alive. Solow believed that sustainability is different now because of the position that humankind is in and the different meanings and angles the meaning can have. I agree that sustainability does depend on substitutes because we could restructure our demand from wild sources. Aquaculture is a substitute because it relieves the pressure off of the wild fish supply and provides us with our demand for seafood. I think it is appropriate to say that it is sustaining wild fisheries because will otherwise deplete our natural resources. I believe that substitutes and better management are needed to reach Solow’s level of sustainability.

    Ron Sheldon

    I agree with your definition of sustainability. I think we have a moral obligation to leave things as good as or better than they are for our future generations. I also like that you linked how farmed salmon is sustaining wild stocks because it relieves pressure on them. As much as we all may hate farmed fish it is a necessary evil to fill the void in the marketplace caused by the reduction in harvest of wild salmon.


    I don’t necessarily agree with what you’ve said about Solow’s ideas on sustainability. Solow talked about the complete depletion of resources like oil, how it was okay to use it as long as you gave something back. He also commented that there is no reason to save a species or an environment unless humans benefit from it. To me it doesn’t sound like you agree with his argument.


    I totally agree with your idea on sustainability and having what’s dependent on to live. However when it comes to Aqua Culture being a substitute I feel like the demand for wild salmon will always be extremely high because there’s some people like me who get freaked out at the idea of eating gmo’s and will always prefer wild salmon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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