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    Ron Sheldon

    To be honest I really didn’t study for the exam. Due to something about this classes delivery method I have found it really difficult to take notes for some reason. Therefore, I do not have a pile of notes to look back on to use as a basis of material to study from. I think it is probably my fault for not adjusting my learning habits to a lecture-based class. After all, most of my recent courses have been web based so they rely more on reading the text and discussion boards.

    As far as the essay was concerned it was more like what is expected from a lot of online courses. That is being able to articulate an idea or concept via a paper or discussion board. As far as outlining, I rarely use the method prior to writing. While I know this goes against what you should do but I am more of a reviser. Most of the time it is easier for me to bang out whatever thoughts are running through my head and then go back over it to give it some structure and make it make sense. I find that this method often makes me remember things that I may have forgotten on the first time through.

    One thing I will do from now on is force myself to take notes during the lectures. I think with the absence of a review session this will help me the most to be better prepared for the exam. While I totally understand and respect that there are some professors that do not use review sessions it is a valuable tool for students to have a little recap session before an exam. Or perhaps it is just a crutch that a lot of traditionally online students, such as myself, have come to rely upon.

    Kortney Birch

    Although I do take notes, I definitely could make big improvements in what I’m writing down. I usually fall into the cycle of writing things straight from the board instead of the spoken parts of the lectures that tend to be much more important. I’m still struggling to figure out the best way to have active listening during lectures in all my classes.


    I usually an avid note-taker but have also had issues taking notes in this and other fisheries classes. I am more of a person who grasps big concepts opposed to details, so I find myself not studying as often for this class as the concepts seem to make a lot of sense to me.


    I’m usually pretty good about taking notes, I guess more in classes that have more concepts and terms to remember (not saying this one does not, but classes like calc and chem). In this class I haven’t been the best about taking notes. I am for sure going to try and be better about it. But as far as essays go, I do that same thing, just try and get it done and then read through and fix it. It has always worked for me, rather than making an outline and doing that whole ordeal.


    Maybe for the next test you could try and read through the slide shows? Those are kind of more textbook like.


    I agree that there is something about the class that makes it difficult to take full notes on. The notes that I’ve taken are more key hit points throughout the lecture than real notes. Still it helps me to look at the key points a few times a week to help drive them into my memory.


    I don’t take many notes either, I just focus on learning the material with minimal distractions, class material sticks better to me when I focus on the lecture and don’t take notes.


    I don’t typically put a lot of time into studying or taking notes either. If I feel the need to after quizzing myself on broad topics, then I might. Usually, I find it’s not necessary. Studying has never been a huge thing for me unless it’s for rote memory courses. Even in those cases, I find that if I over study or cram too much, I do worse on the exam.


    I find it so much easier when I take notes during most classes, but I agree that for some reason it’s difficult to take notes during this class when you’re online. I’m not sure if it’s different in person. Sometimes I look at my notes and realize I have no idea what I was writing about which is abnormal for me. But note taking really helps.

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