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    When I started studying for the exam I began with the topics that I seemed to not understand as much and I would go through and read my notes that I took on it a couple of times and from there I would go through the class notes making sure I didn’t forget anything. Then I would take the important terms or the graphs that it seemed like I should know better and put them on flashcards and consistently go through them until I could repeat it back to myself without looking at the answer. Writing flashcards has always helped me when it came to studying for things like tests. When it came to taking the exam I went through the entire thing before actually answering anything to just know what was on it at first. Then I went through and answered the first part and then when it came to the graph I tried to remember what I drew on the flashcard that I had been studying from and what it was labeled and where.
    When it came to the essay I didn’t do an outline I just began typing away.I felt like I had a lot of time overall especially when writing the essay. I simply just read through the essay question a couple of times to make sure that I fully understood it, and then I began typing until I thought I had written enough to explain. One thing I would change would be the fact that I didn’t write an outline I feel like if I did my essay would be more put together and make more sense.


    Going through the exam first so you know what’s coming is a great idea! Then you can more effectively budget your time. I definitely spent too much time on the graph since I couldn’t remember everything, so my essay wasn’t as detailed as it could have been.


    i like to go through the exam first as well. i try and knock out the ones i know first leaving me the remainder of the time to tackle the more difficult questions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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