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    For the exam, I went over the various historical people we discussed in class
    (ie Thomas Huxley, Thomas Malthus), as well as some of the various words we specifically defined in class (ie environment, anadromous). I also went over briefly some of the case studies we talked about in class, in case there were any questions about that. I really wasn’t sure what to expect on the exam, so I didn’t do much beyond those 2 things. I figured there may be some definition questions and questions about who came up with what idea, but didn’t know what else to focus on. I was hoping that showing up to class and participating would be enough that I understood many of the concepts, since there wasn’t a clear direction on what the exam might be on. The reason I studied the historical people and some of the definitions was because those were the areas I felt I didn’t absorb very well by just showing up to class, and needed extra reminders on the specifics.

    When it came to taking the test, specifically writing the essay, I just started writing right away. I felt I had plenty of time and when writing an essay I really enjoy just doing it, because it helps me get out my thoughts. If I feel I went down the wrong path or came up with a new idea in the middle, I can retype it all pretty quickly and restructure. If there were one thing I wish I had done differently was spend more time studying, and focusing more on the cod fishery and the salmon fishery. Obviously you can’t know exactly what is going to be on the exam, but based on how much we talked about both of these in class I should have had an idea there would be a question about at least one of those fisheries. I felt slightly under-prepared for the essay question and after talking about it in class I remembered more and felt I could’ve wrote a much better essay had I prepared a bit more beforehand.


    I agree about not absorbing who the people were just from lecture. I should have reviewed each of them before the exam, like you did.


    I definitely agree with you about the cod fishery versus the salmon fishery. I wish I would have looked over the differences in those two. I realized we had talked about them so much and a lot of that conversation took place in the discussion boards. I did not really review the discussion boards prior to taking the exam, and maybe if I had I would have been more prepared to answer questions in regards to the difference in the two fisheries.


    I definitely agree that taking extra time right before the exam to go over lecture slides would help. I was able to study most of the materials from my notes but after taking the test I can say there were definitely points from the lecture that didn’t make it into my notes.


    We took a lot of time for cod and salmon fishery and I thought I remember important things about it but before Exam, I went over discussion board little quick and noticed I actually forgot several key points. Then I made very simple bullet point list for the difference and similarity of those two fishery. If you know the key point, it is much easy to remember details too.

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