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    Kortney Birch

    To prepare for the test, I read back over my notes and really focused on the parts I put stars next to or had underlined that seemed important. Looking back, I definitely should’ve taken better notes on understanding the graphs but I assumed it was pretty much common sense to decipher and label such graphs, but it turns out that it’s more complicated when the teacher isn’t explaining the reasoning! I also went back to my discussion posts, which was pretty easy because I keep an ongoing google doc with all my different responses to make it easy to go back and read them. Reviewing my previous posts helped me during the essay section because it refreshed my brain on some of the important topics about fisheries. This kind of back-tracked me a little bit though because I spent too much time trying to talk about everything instead of the main part of the essay (discussing the cod fishery and the bristol bay fishery). I also left the essay portion for the end and I definitely regret doing that. Next time, I’m going to look at the entire test THEN start dividing my time for each section. This will help me budget my time and ensure I don’t rush anything at the end. Also, I will spend more time on the sections that take up a higher percentage of the total points, which will boost my grade some more.


    I do think it is important to overlook the entire test before starting, good plan!


    I did the same thing with looking over notes and looking over the test, I think its a really good way to help


    Great strategy, I will take some of your approaches.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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