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    Isabella Erickson

    I studied for the exam by going through the PowerPoints from class on the class website and reviewing all of the posts I had made on the forums. When I started the exam I spent way too much time trying to remember who the people in the first question were, after a while I finally just guessed and moved on. Next I started the second question and did everything I could without being able to draw on the graph. I could not draw digitally because my computer does not have the right app to draw on pdfs, but Google Chrome allows me to type in the text boxes. I planned on printing it after I got everything else written down to draw on it. When I got to the essay I just started writing right away because I did not have a lot of time left. When I had about 15 minutes left I tried to print it, and found out that my printer had run out of toner. I was able to borrow someone’s laptop that had the right app and draw on the pdf there, but I turned in the midterm a half-hour late.
    I would modify my strategy for studying the exam by reading about who the people mentioned in class are more. I am bad at remembering what names belong to which people unless I use the names a lot. Due to this I had no idea who the people in the exam were, and that showed in my answers. I would also make sure the printer works before I take the test.


    So I also had a technical issue when I was trying to do the test that resulted in losing quite a bit of time. For whatever reason, when I started the test it was not on a save-able copy, so once I realized that I had to transfer my answers to something I could save. I definitely think it’s a great point to address any possible technical issues we might have prior to taking the test. I know I will definitely do that differently this time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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