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    When I’m studying for an exam I usually start by going through my notes and marking important concepts or terms. I will sometimes make flashcards or a study guide based on the contents of my notes. I will then take a break and come back to the material later. This helps me avoid cramming and makes it so I can actually remember concepts after the exam. To test my knowledge of the material I try to write down everything I can remember without looking at any material and then I’ll later compare it to my notes. I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to not leave all the studying for the day before the exam and to review material throughout the semester.


    I also like to review my notes and then take some time before coming back to it so I have time to absorb the information before going back and not cramming.


    I like the concept of writing everything you can remember down to test your knowledge. i have done that a couple of times before, maybe i need to go back to doing that. i do have the bad habit of putting off studying though until a couple of days before an exam.


    I really need to study more actively like you said you do with testing your knowledge then studying what you didn’t have down. I pretty much just read over notes now but I should really start to do it in a more proactive and efficient way.


    I totally agree with you. When you cram, you just forget everything after the exam and not going to learn anything actually.


    I agree, coming back to something really helps me actually remember it. I usually end up cramming anyway though. Days should have more hours.


    I do this as well, I just don’t go as far as making flashcards or rewriting down my notes. I tend to just practice thought recollection rather than writing it down. However, writing the notes from memory would be a great practice for me to try if I’m not getting a topic.


    Not leaving things to the last minute is so important but for some reason it ends up feeling like the last minute is all we have to study. However, in this class the knowledge feels very cumulative in a natural way so it kind of works out.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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