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    Shifting baselines are a standard that changes gradually over time and people understand the most up to date the current “baseline’ for the standard for that time. In the northern cod case of the situation, people think that the amount of cod is normal or that the availability is at a well set place. If people set a goal not to fish the waters for cod for years at a time the population would be able to stabilize and increase again with the time, but this is not the case people actually continue to keep fishing for cod. People of this day and age think that the population size of cod is normal because this is what they have come to know, none of us were alive during the time when cod was more than abundant we only know what it is now. I think that a way to avoid living to the shifting baselines people should let the population regrow, maybe not to its original size that it once was but not let it stick to the “baseline’it is at, that we are used to. We should not be sticking to the baseline because we should be able to keep the planet at a sustainable outcome when we leave, maybe it won’t be better than when we “got here’ but if we keep up ways or work on ways to keep the planet working and flowing well and this includes not fitting to the baselines but going above it.

    Kortney Birch

    I too agree that it is imperative for this generation to live in a sense that benefits us AND the following generation. It is pretty selfish to live in a way that is only good for us and totally jeopardizes our own descendants. I like how you said we shouldn’t just stick to our waning baseline because we need to give the planet some help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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