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    In terms of hardiness, both salmon and sea bass have low survival rates. In captivity, both species have higher survival rates, but sea bass are more intolerant to water quality changes so they are less hardy than salmon.
    Fish don’t have an innate “liking’ for humans, so they both fail this category even in captivity.
    In terms of being comfort loving, salmon tend to do relatively well in a captive environment with no predators and plenty of food. Bass, on the other hand, hate containment and get stressed very easily.
    Due to stress, sea bass often have trouble breeding in captivity. Additionally, they do not lay all their eggs at once or in the same place, and since their eggs are very small it’s hard to help facilitate reproduction because the eggs are so difficult to handle. In contrast, salmon eggs are very large so it is easy to help facilitate reproductions. Workers can easily mix salmon eggs with milt and then hatch the babies. However, there are challenges in salmon reproduction in captivity due to their breeding cycles in the wild.
    Neither bass nor salmon fit the requirement of needing minimal tending while in captivity. They both require regulation of water quality and aid in reproduction. Salmon do require a bit less care, since they have a yolk sac when they are young so don’t need food until they are larger. On the other hand, bass require two different kinds of food as juveniles, and need more rigorous cleaning and maintenance of their enclosure.


    After seeing the argument you made I would have to switch over. None of these would make a good option, and would result in lots of failed attempts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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