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    Aqua advantage are genetically engineered salmons that are grown in conditioned environment to prevent them from escaping into the wild. All of them are female and have been genetically altered so that they are all sterile, which will prevent them from reproducing and affecting the wild salmon’s gene pool if they somehow escape into the wild. Their size also differ: aqua advantage are larger than salmo domesticus. While aqua advantage have been genetically engineered, Salmo domesticus are not–they are, however, due to selective breeding. Fish with characteristics that could help meet the food demand are selected and bred to create an “ideal’ fish. Unlike aqua advantage, the gender of salmo domesticus are not predetermined.While there are differences between aqua advantage and salmo domesticus, they also share some similarities. They are both made to meet the market and food demands and the main one: they are no longer wild.
    As for the statement that genetic engineering is the next step in cultivating our food, I agree that this is the case. Technology is rapidly advancing and humans like to meet (and exceed) the market and population demands. We know that there are advantages in genetically engineering organisms, whether it’s for food or something else so we will most likely do anything to keep up with them. I do not think that we should genetically modify organisms especially food that we consume because there are unknown effects, but realistically speaking, it’s inevitable to rely on technology. Furthermore, food industries would most likely do this process. If genetically engineering food will save them money by being able to produce larger and more products, companies will most likely lean on that option. I may not agree with it, but
    we know that genetic engineering is next in our food list.

    Kyleigh McArthur

    I completely agree with you. Technology advancement is our future and is in fact inevitable, so we should embrace it. Yes there are some unknown effects to genetically altering a lot of tings, yet scientists still do it.


    I completely agree with you. I also thing that even if it wasn’t necessary for us to genetically modify our food, people would do it anyway on a small scale, due to scientific curiosity, and efficiency.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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