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    Kyleigh McArthur

    The fall of population of wild salmon was and still is very unfortunate. As described from a firsthand experience, Greenberg expresses his own opinions towards to decline of wild Chinook. It’s clear that he is very distraught, with good reason. He travels around the world experiencing new things, and then learns that domestic salmon farming is on the rise. The intent of farmed salmon is to produce a supply that can be controlled, and therefore creates a steady income. Farmed salmon can also be sold year round, and can be produced in large numbers whereas wild salmon are unpredictable and not reliable. Therefore the price for farmed salmon became lower and lower making it harder and harder to sell wild salmon. Salmon is a very sought after fish, and if Chinook are returning in the numbers they once were will definitely cause problems, or at least complications. The easiest solution is of course to start farming salmon. I’m not the biggest fan of farmed salmon, but i’m also not completely opposed to it. The idea of farming salmon in order to replace the population of wild salmon seems great in theory. There are some definite unfortunate problems, such as the fish escaping into the wild and causing problems, the decrease in quality of the meat, and diseases originating in farms escaping into the wild and harming wild salmon. However, it is a convenient and somewhat simple solution to the decline of wild Chinook, at least for the time being. It would be best to find a solution to increase the population of wild salmon other than to increase the rate of production of farmed fish.


    In retrospect the idea of farmed salmon replacing the fall of wild salmon population seems great, but so far it has caused a number of issues. With more research there could be a way for farmed Salmon to be less problematic. I do agree with you that the best solution would be to focus on the increase in the Wild Salmon population.

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