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    I feel as though people are finally learning from the past and beginning to make changes and be conscious about our effects on the environment. Maybe some of it is misdirected, but it’s very obvious that a good number of people care and are doing their part to educate themselves and others. In addition, we are in a process of rebuilding the damage that we have done in the past years. Obviously, we aren’t perfect and there is still much to be done. We are still in a zone of crisis. People are greedy and some fish populations will not recover as a result of that damage.


    This is a great caption, I think you’re right that people have started to learn somewhat but it definitely needs to go further and be sure to be on the right direction


    I really feel that as well; people are finally realizing and being more conscious about the ecosystem and environment, it’s taken a lot of work but it’s finally happening and we are becoming not only aware but adamant about change and creating things to become healthier and more balanced…learning and rebuilding is a great hashtag.


    I really like your point about rebuilding. Both people of the past and present have caused so much harm to the plant and environment that we are definitely in a position where we need to put lots of effort into undoing the many harmful things we have done to the earth.


    I really like this hashtag because it truly does not need an explanation. There is definitely a lot that people can learn about fisheries, especially from past mistakes throughout the history of fisheries. In addition to this, I think “rebuild” is a perfect word for what should happen now. I think it’s definitely positive and it’s moving forward, since things have collapsed it’s time to rebuild. Well done

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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