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    In the first chapter of Billion Dollar Fish, author Kevin Bailey introduces us to Alaska Pollock. The White Gold that any man that had the grit could prosper in. But that was what we thought of the cod fishery.
    As scientist are held out on a silver plater that had failed them in the north Atlantic cod.
    They did not fail on the backs of science its self. It dissolved under the greed of the bureaucrats that swaded managment protocal.
    The pollock fishery began to show full scale harvest impacts in the late 70’s. Showing lowered size and total volume. But this is in line with projection models that both state stability and demise at the same time. Predicting lower stock year with fair accuracy, with years of unknown origin having rapid recovery.
    Even with these worrisome similarities, the pollock have been fished with different mean science management strategies. And have had to have completely redesigned strategy that would combat the failure of past bureaucratic scientists.
    So hopful we never have a trophic rebalance that changes the structure of these resurgence bringing the stocks pro qou crashing down.


    I agree that the two are very very similar, in hopes that the pollock industry doesn’t collapse like the cod industry like you mentioned there were specific strategies put in place like trying to stabilize the pollock population to maintain it better than the cod was to be able to save the species.


    I’m glad Alaska’s cold water are pretty stable for fishing. If not it could be dreadful if we over fished them during a warm sea’s period.


    I agree that they’re very similar. Hopefully the managers of the pollock fishery can keep the greed in check.

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