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    As Northern cod crashed in Newfoundland during the 90’s a rising fishery was growing, but not because of the decline of Northern Cod but because of the crash of crab stocks in the 80’s. Alaskan Pollock was used to imitating crab in restaurants. The world continued demanding Alaskan Pollock after crab had begun to return and now “makes the cod look like a poor cousin’. The Northern Cod and Alaskan Pollock fishery share many similar characteristics because of the behavior of the fish. Both live on the bottom and school together. Both fisheries are caught with similar large industrial trawling vessels. Both fisheries are difficult to regulate because of the difficulty of estimating how many fish haven’t been caught. The Northern Cod collapse helps the management of Alaskan Polluck improve from experience and to become more optimistic about fish populations. Both fisheries share many traits but hopefully will not see the same fate.

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