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    Pollock and cod share many similarities. They are both schooling fish that are able to be easily scooped up. They were both seen as an endless resource which caused an unfortunate decline that was not reflected by catch data. Both fisheries also covered large areas that have portions outside the 200 mile economic exclusive zone. This made it difficult to enforce management decisions and did not prevent foreign fishers from fishing outside of the zone. The main difference between the two fish is the age of the fishery with pollock being relatively new compared to cod.


    Which of the two fisheries do you believe to, historically, be better managed?


    The large areas that fisheries cover make them so much harder to manage! I think it’s an important thing to point out, as it is really difficult to get different states and counties, let alone different countries.


    It is really interesting to compare these two fisheries because they share so many similarities and have one major difference like you said. It’s cool to see how management changes over time when one fishery is much newer and can take lessons from the mistakes of other fisheries in the past.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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