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    The much-too-long hashtag that I have chosen to summarize my thoughts about the state of fisheries is #OldFishNewFishFarmFishFewFish.

    #OldFish brings our attention to what we have discussed about some of our older fisheries. Through the course of the class we discussed the collapse of the Cod fishery and what is ongoing with the salmon industry. I use #oldfish as a way of saying that we should learn from the mistakes made with the old cod and salmon fisheries. We should learn what the consequences of overfishing and harvesting are as well as the consequences poor management of fisheries’ populations before we repeat the past and decimate more fish populations.

    #NewFish then, brings our attention to some of the positives of some of the newer fisheries. In reading “Billion Dollar Fish,’ we learn about some of the positive directions that fisheries management has taken in regards to the Pollock industry. Although not perfect, some of the approaches taken in the Pollock Fishery have signs of hope for the future of fisheries. #NewFish is a way of using what we have learned from #OldFIsh fisheries to potentially better sustain our world’s fisheries.

    #FarmFIsh is a result from poor fisheries management. In my opinion, #FarmFish symbolizes the contingency plan that is our potential future when the world still wants fish in overwhelming abundance and our natural fisheries cannot sustain it. I think #FarmFish holds the most intrigue for me when I consider the state of fisheries. It brings about thoughts of human selfishness in regards to food choice, but it also conjures thoughts about sustainment for fish and for civilizations.

    #FewFish then, is the result when all else fails. Basically #FewFish symbolizes the point at which sustainment cannot be sustained, overfishing and harvesting is abundant, and poor fisheries management occurs, resulting in fewer and fewer fish.

    If we don’t learn from the mistakes of #OldFish, integrate what we have learned with #NewFish, embrace #FarmFish when necessary, we will be left with #FewFish.



    I tried my hardest to read this hashtag as the one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish rhyme from Dr. Seuss haha. It doesn’t quite have the same ring, but it’s easily recognizable. I love the thought you put into each section of your hashtag. Not a single word was without meaning and that is very impressive.


    Easily the best hashtag from the whole class. Well done. You did a very good job of explaining why each part was relevant and i agree with your points. Do you think that farmed fish will be a good way to sustainably harvest fish? personally I think with more research and development farming of fish will be very beneficial.


    I love this hashtag and the way you integrated them together by saying that basically if we don’t get our act together and learn from the past then we will never improve and end up causing a lot of damage end ending up with only few fish. I agree that we should learn from the past as well as embrace what the future hold for us in our fisheries.

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