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    I came up with #NeedToAdapt because although some fisheries are still in healthy condition, we will soon need to adapt the ways we are fishing even these healthy stocks because most of the marine environment will be in declining conditions soon due to the many ways humans are affecting the ocean. From things like global warming, ocean acidification and reduced amount of ocean sea ice to overfishing and destruction of habitat, there are just too many ways we are negatively affecting the ocean that I do not think we will see an overall increase in health of the ocean for a decade or two and that is only if we see drastic changes in climate policy globally. Because of this, fisheries are facing in increased need to adapt their ways of sustainably fishing much quicker than in the past because now the environment is much more fragile and small mistakes could compound into much larger issues. Fisheries management needs to not plan how to just how ensure we will have fish for the next generation, but we should really try to foster conditions so the next generation has the best possible chance to be able to maintain the ocean through their lives for more generations to come. In other words, we shouldn’t just ensure there are fish for us and the next generation, but we should try to change our ways enough that future generations have the easiest possible time maintaining what we have left for them. At this point in time, I think adapting the ways we get our fish to greener alternatives is one of the best ways fisheries could help set up future generations for success. I think that finding better and cleaner ways to farm fish would be one of the best things we could do to set up a very sustainable way for people to get their fish in the future.

    Kyleigh McArthur

    I like how you didn’t say to stop farming fish. It seems like we need to farm fish in order to have enough for the growing population that wants/needs to eat fish. Also, yes we definitely need to find better ways to healthily maintain fisheries.


    I definitely agree with this hashtag. With the earth’s rapidly changing climate we’re going to have to rethink a lot of the way we do things.


    Great hashtag, adapting nowadays is what we must do whether we like the idea of farmed fish or not, there won’t always be enough natural fish out there to harvest.


    I like this hashtag though it is hard to move on from what we are used to there is always room to adapt to change this somes this up perfectly

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