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    In Paul Greenberg’s book “Four Fish” he proposes four solutions to solve the problems of declining wild fish populations:
    1) Reduction in fishing efforts
    2) create massive no-catch areas
    3) large-scale protection of “unmanageable” species
    4) protection of the lower trophic level of organisms
    I agree with all four of these solutions but I believe that they can only be instated through small local governance of marine areas/ecosystems along with a high incentive to comply with regulations such as increased taxation or other legal litigations. When people have control of their immediate environments it creates more community responsibility and they have a better knowledge of the area to better manage it.

    Kyleigh McArthur

    That’s a very good point, a small local governance would be very beneficial. The local government would have better insight as to what the local fisheries would or should require to earn money while also not permanently damaging the fishery or fish itself.


    I really like your point and idea on how if we allowed local and small governance over the fishing community/local areas we would get better insights and control on how people actually feel and think about what is really going on, they’d feel more involved in their own work and professional fishermen would give Very insightful opinions and advice (because they experience what’s really going on out in the water) in my opinion, that’s a very beneficial and good idea.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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