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    While I can’t get a pinpoint reason as to the decline of wild Chinook Salmon I strongly feel as if the human demand for salmon feed the human instinct to supply at a compensated rate. And this in turn partially led to the decline of Chinook salmon along with the human depletion of the three major factors of salmon habitats: free flowing rivers, clean oxygenated water, and plenty of cover from lumber. Salmo Domesticus poses a threat from a different perspective. It’s already been stated that millions of them escape into open water each year, and it’s only common sense that something domesticated/farmed will be genetically different from that same thing in the wild. Being that Salmo Domesticus grows faster I feel like its totally possible that they could be outcompeting the Chinook Salmon to the spawning beds only not to have enough of the innate traits to actually survive.

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