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    Kortney Birch

    I used the hashtag “forgetting the future” because fishers today are only thinking about the here and now, while forgetting to set-up success for future generations. Fish are a staple in food resources for not just humans but all sorts of food webs and chains in freshwater and salt water. It is apparent that people today aren’t too concerned about what their future generations will survive off of because they are too busy depleting fish stocks and crashing population sizes. Of course it is important to not obsess over making life better for the next generation and depriving the current one, but it should just be a common morality. We should be able to leave the ocean and rivers as functioning as we found them out of pure respect.

    In Billion Dollar Fish, the Donut Hole fishery is a prime example of what not to do. By not having regulations and monitoring, this fishery was not successful and drastically altered the pollock populations very negatively. By not keeping the idea of these fish needing a future, the fishers also easily forgot or did not even consider what they would do if the fish suddenly died off.

    Isabella Erickson

    I agree that the people depleting fish stocks should be more concerned about how they are affecting future generations. Your post reminded me of the international meeting in chapter 5 held just before the fishery in the Donut Hole practically collapsed. China’s argument for keeping the fishery in the Donut Hole open was that they had just gotten a bunch of trawlers, and this seems like such a flimsy excuse for destroying the fishery.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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