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    Kyleigh McArthur

    I chose this quote to be somewhat like the popular saying: food for thought. A hashtag like this can be easily remembered thus a lot of people will recognize it. It will be able to spread and the people will want to look up what it means and it will become a novel hashtag. IF something is described as food for thought, that means it is something that is worth seriously considering or thinking about. Fish for thought would then take on the definition that fishing industries should be taken seriously and not ignored. There have been multiple cases of overfishing a fishery which always leads to problems, and then there have been cases of fisheries not being taken advantage of, which can lead to its own problems. Pollock is a fish that is used a lot and fished a lot, and not very many people know about it. It’s put in fish sandwiches from McDonald’s and is used as fake crab meat for some sushis, but people don’t know this. Pollock is a very underrated fish and deserves to be given the #foodforthought to make it more recognizable.

    Kortney Birch

    I like the thought you put into your hashtag! It is veryy true that people don’t even know what they are actually eating, and I surely didn’t know until reading the book that there is pollock in lots of sushi.


    Your hashtag is so creative! I like how you tied it in to the food for thought saying. It seems like something that could actually get the ball rolling.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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