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    I would rate the health of the worlds fish stock at a 5, but getting worse. One reason I decided this number was based on my own personal research and news influence. It seems like anytime there’s anything in the news about oceans, rivers, fish, and everything else related, it’s about how everything is horrible and getting worse. There’s giant floating plastic islands in our ocean, micro-plastics all throughout our water, wild fish populations are declining, deadly algae blooms killing our fish, etc. This impression was further supported by a class I took last semester, intro to wildlife biology, where we discussed many of these issues in class. However, I chose the halfway point because as a fisher, it does not seem like the local fish stocks have changed dramatically from when I was growing up. So that makes not think that all of our fish are dying off right now, but that’s just anecdotal experiences, so I try not to weight it too heavily.


    I can see where you’re coming from in your personal experience. In the community I used to live in, there wasn’t even an inkling of a worry of overfishing. However, I think when it comes to the oceans and seas, fish are being treated as a resource and being exploited. There needs to be a heavier focus on sustainability and giving fish stocks the chance to recovery appropriately.

    Ron Sheldon

    I also chose 5 as my assessment. Much like you mentioned from your local experience that the health of the rescorce hasn’t changed, I have to hope that there are enough health locations like yours that outweigh the unhealthy ones. I think the big issue is no one has a good way of measuring this. Without knowing where you grew up I would have to assume you are refering to a Salmon fishery. The question I would ask is if you have any ideas on a way to measure it against the health of Bristol Bay, the Yukon River, or British Columbia? Not trying to start any arguments I am just interested in other peoples ideas. Thanks…


    I don’t have very much experience in the fisheries field but I would agree with giving the current would stocks a 5 however, I would lean more close to a 6. After being over seas and seeing the fish being brought in to the ports I started to notice that other smaller countries don’t really have any regulations (rather didn’t while I was over there) as to the size or the amount of fish being brought to the ports.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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