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    I want to say global fish stock health is 5. I grew up in japan and fish is big part of our daily diet. And I have noticed how fish price increases in last few years. Every year we hear news about decline of some kind of fish population and how that affect economy. It seemed very bad in Japan, but i feel it is little bit better in Alaska. Considering other issues related to ocean, such as ocean asidification, eutrophication, and rapid temperature change, I definitely think it is getting worse. But bad news always gather more attention, so i believe there are some good things too that i haven’t heard, so I would say 5.


    I think it’s insightful to point out the differences in perspective depending on where you live. Often it seems as if we judge things mostly based on personal anecdotes rather than actual evidence. To see what fish populations seem to be like from local perspectives in many places across the world would give us better ideas of what the health of the world’s fish populations is actually like. We seem to regularly assume that if all is good (or bad) in our backyard, then the rest of the world is assumed to be running in the same directions as our experiences.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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