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    While studying for the FISH 110 Midterm Exam, I used my long-term technique of writing my notes or the study guide question(s) and answer(s) three times in blue pen. I usually try to write my notes in class in blue pen so my first copy is over and done faster than the next two copies. For the second copy I usually flip my note page(s) over and rewrite the notes from another page on the back of another page to reduce paper waste. For the third and final copy I copy my notes onto index cards, front and back. Right before my exam I will quickly shuffle through my stack of notecards and remind myself of the concepts one last time before I take the exam. This method has gotten me A’s and B’s almost every test I have used this technique on, and it proved itself yet again. One thing I wish I had taken the time to do on the actual exam itself, was write an outline for the essay question. Instead I jumped right into the essay and scored subpar because of this. The graphs were also a tricky part of the exam and I wish there was more studying for those on my part. For my modification of taking the exam, I wish I had gone through the entire test before I started and jotted down notes next to each of the questions I wasn’t quite sure about. I should’ve used my last minute check of my notes to answer at least part(s) of questions I wasn’t
    totally 100 percent sure about. If I had to critique my study method and change something about that as well, I think I would change my time frame for studying to more than a few hours. I would like to split my study time up into smaller chunks every day for a week and then the night before the exam I would go over everything all together instead of stressing out and doing it all a few hours a night or two before an exam.

    Ron Sheldon

    Wow. That is an impressive note taking system. I applaud your discipline to be able to stick to it. I may have to steal at least a portion of your technique for the final. My first notes are usually less than complete so i often just leave a space in between each line to fill out the whole thought. Copying them to the backside of the page would definitely help making them more understandable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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