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    My proposition for a fifth achievable goal for wild fish is a dedication to advancing farmed (or genetically modified) fish. Greenberg’s first point- A profound reduction in fishing effort, is simply unobtainable without some form of replacement. The demand for fish is simply too high. I believe this is best addressed by encouraging the growth of farmed fish markets and educating consumers that wild-caught is not always best. There is a stigma surrounding farmed and/or genetically modified fish that can be adjusted for the better with increased education and advancements. If fish farms are no longer eyesores, produce healthy and quality fish, and provide a larger range of species to choose from, people will begin to lean more towards non-wild fish. Without a significant demand in wild fish, the stocks will begin to replenish slowly. In short, a dedication to advancing farmed and genetically modified fish, paired with proper education, will help to prioritize and protect our wild-caught species while still fulfilling our population’s needs for fish.


    This would definitely been beneficial because people will be displaced from their normal practicing fishery jobs and have to find other work. What do you think of the breakdown of money. Right now there’s lots of captains getting a cut of the stock. After it would be family’s owning farms.


    Advancing farmed fishing and making it more efficient would relive a lot of stress off of the wild fish populations, we can use farmed fish to substitute other uses that fish are used for like fish oil.


    I agree, though the difficult part of the equation is the human element. Getting people to accept farmed fish (for some reason) almost seems like a taboo. Also you run into the economic cost of switching to a more heavily farmed fish dominated market. However, if it was able to get off the ground I think it could make a huge long term impact.

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