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    According to Francis Galtons list of criteria for animals to process in order for human domestication, I don’t believe Atlantic Salmon or Sea Bass are good candidates at all for aquaculture. But, Atlantic salmon do better fit the criteria and are the better option. First off, No animal fits the second and third category in his criteria. I don’t believe any animal is endowed with an unborn liking for man or comfort loving and I don’t think this should be in his criteria at all. The only exception to this is dogs. Dogs are indeed endowed with an inborn liking for man, and are comfort loving, hints “mans best friend”, but, you don’t want to Farm and harvest dogs. Anyways, Atlantic Salmon do supply a good amount of meat, and they don’t need a lot of tending, but, Atlantic farmed salmon are not able to breed freely so they really only fall into 2 of the 5 criteria. As far as Sea Bass go, Galton points out every negative associated with the criteria indicating a negative result for them as well. They as smaller than salmon, and especially their larval stage is “extremely fragile”, so the potential to domestically breed them requires lots of effort. I believe salmon pass the test for being good aquaculture but not sea bass. And no marine animals pass the criteria according to Galtons criteria, because its just so heavily flawed.


    I would say in some ways that we do farm dogs. Not for harvest or to eat or anything like that, but we do breed dogs quite a bit. It might even be the case that we farm them so much because they have an inborn liking for man.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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