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    Galton explained that in order for an animal to be successfully domesticated, there is criteria that must be passed. They need to be able to bread freely, comfort loving, inborn liking for man, hardy, and need minimal tending. Both the European sea bass and the Atlantic salmon can not pass this criteria completely. All fish, to our knowledge, are best indifferent to man, and the Atlantic salmon is no different. Its difficult to have them breed freely in captivity, because most fish don’t use they reproductive traits. Considering they live in pretty harsh environments, it hard to tell if they would enjoy living in a tank, compared to they’re natural environment. On the other hand, European sea bass still has no options. They also shut down their reproductive traits, and they require a lot of work at birth. I believe that neither fish is suitable for aquaculture for these reasons.


    I do agree as well that neither fish is suitable for aquaculture, especially according to Galtons criteria, because it just doesn’t fit any animal that they are born with a liking for man and comfort loving, and both fishes don’t breed freely in captivity, well said.


    I agree that both species can’t completely pass this ‘test’ or criteria that Galton has created. Though I’d have to disagree that the salmon are not suitable for aquaculture, because they are pretty good at surviving in a captive environment more than most fish. With this I’d have to say they’re pretty well suited for aquaculture.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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