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    From what I have read so far I believe an appropriate hashtag for the state of fisheries would be #demand/supply. We are fishing down food webs in some areas of the world. Mostly where there are little management and species that are hard to regulate like pollock. I believe we have also shifted our baselines because of our past data recordings being less consistent compared to today. I believe that fisheries management teams learn from past mistakes and look around the world for failed and successful fisheries management.
    I chose this hashtag because I believe our demand has increased over the supply of fish. the high demand for wild fish and the increase of the human population increases pressure. The book mentions the rising demand for pollock after its popularity increased after it was used to imitate crab. This is a good example because of the difficulty of regulating potluck because of the difficulty of assessing the complete population and having to rely on biomass caught.


    I think you’re right the demand for us has increased ahead of the supply of fish that we currently have, and if people don’t realize it soon then they will not be able to fix it

    Kortney Birch

    I totally agree that we are fishing down the food webs in many areas, and that’s not good! People are just too familiarized with using up something then moving onto the next right away. People just need to learn to adjust to not always getting exactly what they want.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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