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    With what little experience that I have in the fisheries field I would rate the current world fish stocks around 4. When I was in the Navy, I deployed to the Pacific Ocean. While there we (the ship) participated in fisheries patrols around the southern and mid western Pacific. I wasn’t a part of the group that boarded the fishing vessels however, I did get to see some of the numbers that came back. Of the three deployments that I was a part of, the amount of fish caught didn’t really change. However, the sizes of the fish caught did differ between the years as the fish were getting smaller each year (not by a huge amount but they were smaller). I believe this to be because around the Philippine Islands and the South China Sea there were few to no regulations on the number and sizes of the fish that could be caught.


    I think it’s really interesting to see your personal anecdotes and how they influence your ranking of our world fish stocks. It makes me wish that we could all see how our experiences reflect an impartial ranking of the same thing, and it makes me wonder if we are ever able to see any issues from a neutral and impersonal standpoint. Alternatively, we are able to map out historical environmental wellbeing in ways we would never be able to were it not for personal anecdotes and traditional ecological knowledge.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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