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    Kyleigh McArthur

    As stated by Bailey, “Alaska pollock is the shy little sister of the cod fish”, but this has since changed. Pollock, like cod, is a very versatile fish and can be used for a lot of different foods. Cod was known as fish in Newfoundland, it isn’t called cod, it is known as the general term of fish because of how popular it is. Pollock is the same way in that it is a very popular fish and is used in many different dishes. Pollock is the fish in Japan, because it is very important and is used in many different dishes, even the eggs are used.
    When it comes to the fishery itself, Cod started out in great numbers and wasn’t fished very much at first. Then fishing equipment advanced and the number of fishermen increased, which in turn caused the diminish of the cod stocks. Like cod, pollock was fished very much at first, and then was fished a great deal in the 1980’s. This, however, was a result of the crash of the crab stocks, not an advancement of fishing. Also unlike cod, pollock’s fishery is being managed well and the market for it has matured. Cod still has bad stocks and it’s fishery wasn’t managed well at all. Pollock now “makes the cod look like a poor cousin” as it has had better success in the long run for its fishery.


    With years of warm water stagnationing in the Pollock’s artic range do you think this could be a problem?


    I believe that this is very well written contrast and compare of the Pollock and the Cod, it hit on what I believe to be the major points.

    Kortney Birch

    I like how you included the piece about the crash of the crab stocks being the issue and not fishing itself. It’s definitely true that other organisms can greatly affect other levels of the food chain.

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