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    Both the Alaskan pollock and the Newfoundland Northern Cod fisheries were both major economic players at one point or another. Cod seemed to be an endless fishery with the ability for high economic growth, as did pollock, and both had the potential to be overfished because of this vision of endless fisheries. Both fisheries have become major talking points in the political realm of fisheries, and both fisheries have stretched across multiple countries. However, the pollock fishery isn’t as long-lived as the cod industry, because the cod industry has been fished for at least a couple hundred years if not much longer. The pollock industry, in contrast, is only half a century old. The cod industry crashed and the pollock industry is still holding up. Another difference is in the management, as the pollock industry management system has the advantage of looking back at past mistakes with other fisheries in order to avoid complete collapse and push towards sustainable harvesting.


    I like how you mentioned political real of both fishery and how they are stretched across several countries for similarities of both fishery. I definitely agree that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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