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    We have now heard of two different kinds of farmed fish. There is salmo-domesticus and Aqua Advantage fish. Salmo-domesticus is by selective breeding for certain desirable traits, Aqua Advantage is done by splicing together genes of different species to make a new or different kind of fish in this case salmon. Both of these ways of farming fish have their advantages and disadvantages. However, I do have to say that salmo-domesticus sounds like it is the better option when compared to the GMO salmon, although my top choice would be natural salmon. Farming our own fish source is the way it is probably headed as long as there is such a high demand for the salmon. Though I don’t want to see the end of natural salmon I believe that the more unnatural food sources we ingest, the more negative health effects we will see down the road.


    I completely agree that the best option is of course the natural wild salmon. The more we genetically modify our food, the more harm we are doing to this earth and our bodies, which is something that I did not think about.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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