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    Isabella Erickson

    Both AquaAdvantage and Salmo domesticus have been modified by humans in a way that would have not been possible in nature, but Aqua Advantage salmon were made in a more scientific way. I think that the main difference between the two fish is that they have simply repeated again for AquaAdvantage what they had bred into Salmo domesticus. It seems like the breeders of Salmo domesticus have unknowingly doubled the growth-gene through breeding just like what the creators of AquaAdvantage deliberately did. However, there is another difference between the two salmon; the book states that all AquaAdvantage salmon are female and sterile. This particular difference reminds me disturbingly of the famous quote from Jurassic Park, “life finds a way’.
    As for the statement that “genetic engineering is the obvious next technological step in the history of human’s cultivating our food”, I honestly do not know enough about genetic engineering to form a real opinion on this other than for salmon. The reason that I object to genetically modified salmon is because they would be farmed salmon; I am assuming that this quote is speaking of genetically modifying salmon for farming because it mentions cultivating food. As I stated last week I do not have a very high opinion of farmed salmon because of how they negatively affect the environment and wild salmon themselves. I am afraid that these genetically engineered salmon would be produced in larger numbers than the current population of farmed salmon, and cause the current problems to grow as well, because they would be cheaper to produce.


    I think the genetic engineering is simply a necessary evil at this point. I believe your issue ties in well with the issue of making domestic salmon closer to wild salmon to lower the impact, or making them so different that they couldn’t survive outside of the tank in any sense. I agree there are better methods of keeping the wild populations safe and healthy while also allowing for adequate food.


    Isabella, I can’t help but state that I love how you used the quote from Jurassic Park in your post and how it really is like that, i agree completely on where your coming from what with the sterile salmon and everything, I’m sure nature would find it’s way no matter the struggle.


    I think that the quote “life finds a way” is a perfect example of how humans are engineering their way out of the food/population crisis we are finding ourselves in. Not only with salmon but with food in general we have to repeatedly find ways to make protein sources more and more efficient. Though not necessarily great for the environment or the future of salmon, I agree the engineering of food has become a necessary evil.


    I don’t necessarily agree with the ethics that goes into salmon farming and the genetic modification of our food in general because of it’s environmental impacts, but unfortunately with the growing human population it’s becoming necessary to avoid starvation.


    Yes, I believe that we should not use genetic modifications unless we face a major crisis.

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