AquaAdvantage, Salmo domesticus, and Genetic Engineering

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    In the book, Four Fish I learned about the different techniques and types of salmon humans have made through breeding and genetic engineering. Salmo domesticus is a salmon breed that has been breed through using other salmon from different streams to create a bigger faster-growing fish. AquaAdvantage salmon is a genetically modified salmon that uses genetics from multiple types of fish that have different advantages in the wild. The AquaAdvatage fish also claims to be sterile, unlike Salmo domesticus.

    Genetic engineering is controversial because of the ethical questions it raises and how it should be used. With challenges that we face because of human activity destroying our sources of food and the huge demand to feed seven and a half billion people, I believe it is necessary to find ways to more efficiently grow food to avoid shortages. But also believe with better resource management we can effectively sustain ourselves because the majority of agriculture being used to feed the huge demand for livestock. I believe genetically modifying should only be used if the population experiences major food shortages because of our changing environment and the challenges we face. I believe it is wrong to do if the only motive is profit.


    I agree that genetic engineering is necessary at our current rate, but I have to disagree with your statement that we wouldn’t need it if we managed properly. There are way too many people to support ourselves naturally. If everyone wanted one salmon, there wouldn’t be enough to go around. It’s a necessary evil in our current society. Profit and greed is obviously a negative influencer, but the desire for profit can actually be a great motivator for advancements in society. In short, I’d say I agree with everything you said, except that resource management is the issue with our environment’s ability to support our population. We’ve simply surpassed our carrying capacity and no resource management adjustments can change that fact. Earth never can, nor ever will, naturally support the amount of people we have on this planet.

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