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    AquaAdvantage salmon and Salmo Domesticus, while both are salmon genetically “somewhat” some might argue that they aren’t. Salmo Domesticus is more or less just farm raised salmon that are raised to grow faster and larger, these salmon require a large quantity of food to ballance the increased growth. However, the AA version of the Salmon are genetically modified to grow larger, faster with the added “benefit” of needing to consume less food. These salmon are able to be grown on large salmon farms for a fraction of the cost making them a cheap alternative on the market. AA salmon are also kept in special tanks away from areas where they can possibly escape into the wild. In terms of genetic engineering being the next step in humans cultivating food, I believe that while yes the human population is growing and there is a greater demand for food there have to be better ways to supply that food at least until we know more about the long-term effects of GMOs. However, that being said I do think that later down the road something does need to be done to increase the supply of food through domestic growth so that the impact of harvesting wild organisms is lessened and their numbers are able to rise again.


    I think it is human nature to want to tinker with things and as technology advances, genetic engineering is going to come up more and more often. There may be a place for it in the future when it comes to salmon, however, i first think we need to get control of the current operations. Currently, i believe efforts would be better spent trying to contain disease and escapement issues.


    I believe that we should lesson the costs of closed aquatic systems so that we can effectively and efficiently farm salmon so that we can both keep the prices of salmon down and be able to lesson the pressure of wild salmon stock. As for genetic testing, I do agree that we should keep that as a last resort to all other options.


    What about lowering ph of the ocean. Causing most organisms to have to work harder to grow in the first place. Should we be putting better adapted fish in to a world already losing nutrients.

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