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    Humans have always relied on the valuable natural resources in the oceans. With the increasing population of humans, the demand for wild-caught fish has increased vastly. With warmer waters around the world spawning rates have been affected in different ways. Invasive species thrive in the change of the environment that suits them threatening the native populations. With industrial fishing becoming more popular entire ecosystems have been erased because of bycatch caused by the massive fishing vessels. Nearly 90% of fish stocks have been emptied by fishing and causing huge effects in the ecosystem. The Aleutian islands are experiencing a major marine bird die off because of the depleted numbers of cod and pollock in the Bering Sea. Many other issues also threaten fish like microplastics, disease, and acidity of the ocean. I believe the fish stock health sits at a 4 out of 10 because the challenges they face and no solutions have been solved like farmed fishing and the warmer water temperature. But I also believe if we make particular measures that the population can rebound to a healthy amount.

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