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    It would seem that the relationship between wild salmon and the domestic salmon is nothing good for either of them. On one hand the domestic salmon has the genetic superiority so successfully feed the world, while the wild salmon has the hardy resilience to survive the wild waters that they hail. According to the book, domestic salmon are escaping from their farms and into the native waterways. Their fast growth rate quickly displaces them over the wild salmon, however in the later cycles they cannot make it back to or up their rivers to spawn, as they lack the genes. This will ultimately lead to the extinction of the wild salmon breed and eventually the domestic breed as well. In my opinion, the domestic salmon should also have the same genetic resilience as well, so as to at least improve its survivability, that way it can not only feed our world, but also feed the rivers that it would be able to finally spawn in.


    I agree that between the wild salmon and domestic salmon, that there are advantages and disadvantages to both but that they are ultimately harmful to each other. I never thought about what if the domestic salmon had the same genetic resilience as the wild salmon, but I think that is a good solution or a start of a solution to the problems they bring.


    Giving farmed salmon the same genetic resilience of wild salmon is an interesting solution to the damage escaped salmon can cause. I wonder how this would affect fish farming productivity. Farmed fish take some fishing pressure off of salmon so if we could minimize some of the damage they do maybe domestic salmon could help more than harm wild salmon.


    If domestic salmon were to obtain the same genetic resilience as wild salmon my first question would be where would people start? I think that this is a good first approach to try and save the salmon all together. I also think that this could end up badly all together because of people exploiting them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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