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    I believe that sustainability is the ability for a resource to be exploited without the resource itself being completely depleted to the point were it can no longer be able to stay on its own. I believe that this does go into the definition of Solow’s definition of sustainability, as it is our obligation to make sure this doesn’t happen. In the case of aquaculture salmon being used to substitute wild salmon, I believe that this is a necessary step towards preserving the future of wild salmon so that they may repopulate their numbers, even if they need our help.


    I agree with your definition about sustainability, but I feel that the only way aquaculture can be a long term fix is if it was closely monitored. Nonetheless, a solution must be found if we are to keep the wild salmon from disappearing entirely.


    I agree with your definition of sustainability to an extent. It is indeed about preventing the over exploitation of resources. I however believe that substitution only helps alleviate the high demand on certain resources but does not help truly sustain a population. Man made solutions also come with man made problems that may hinder the ability of a certain resource to sustain itself. I feel there is a very fine line between using substitutes to support the sustainability of a resource and using it to replace the resource all together.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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