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    Sustainability in my own opinion is the management and security of natural resources life depends on to survive. For example the management of fisheries and the security of wild salmon populations. Robert M. Solow goes on the say this isn’t the case and even says, “Sustainability is an injunction not to satisfy ourselves by impoverishing our successors.” he goes on saying how sustainability is constantly defined wrongly and telling us about his beliefs of what it truly means. To a point I’d have to agree with him but on the other hand, it’s also his opinion on what sustainability means. He goes on to say that sustainability is a problem, “precisely because each of us knows or realizes that we can profit at the expense of the future rather than at the expense of our contemporaries and the environment.” I’d have to agree with Robert on this and that’s its becoming a big problem but I’d like to also say we know what we’re doing and if we want to make a change we can with the help from the majority who wants to do the right thing.


    I agree with your definition, that it is resources that life relay on.


    I guess it depends on the perspective we are taking on sustainability. Is sustainability really describing what we do to sustain the resources around us for our survival or is sustainability completely a selfless act. I like how you worded your definition because it captures really what the true end goal is of sustainability which is to survive.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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