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    Hardiness: Salmon have shown to be more hardy as juveniles while, on the other hand, bass have not. they tend to need more care and nutrients then salmon when they’re young.
    Comfort-loving: Neither of the two fish have shown to naturally be like being contained but salmon been able to adapt to and feel comfortable in the given environments. Bass on the other hand, have shown to basically sulk and look sad when put in one of these places.
    Freely Breeding: Salmon have been able to calmly breed in these fish farms cause they were able to adapt pretty well to the given environment. Bass breeding is really hard to understand because of the microscopic size of the eggs and sperm. They also show to be very uncomfortable in their given environment and almost refuse to breed.
    Easy to Tend: Salmon have shown to be fairly easy to tend to their basic needs being mainly food and fresh, clean water. With the Bass, we have to recreate a whole new microscopic environment for the young bass when they hatch. Which is a lot tougher to do than it sounds.
    All in all, the Salmon sound like the best candidates for aquaculture but, as clearly said, the Bass don’t pass as good candidates.

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