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    Salmo domesticus and AquaAdvantage are both salmon that are farmed commercially and could not have happened in the wild they both have differences. AquaAdvantage salmon are distinctly different because according to the book they are all female and are ALL sterile, according to the Author. There is also another huge difference in the size that the people who are engineering of the fish have made. The AquaAdvantage salmon appear to be twice the size of the Salmo domesticus, I believe that people wanted to do this because if they made a bigger farmed salmon they could make more money on the fish. As of the phrase “genetic engineering is the obvious next technological step in the history of human’s cultivating our food” I believe that many people think that this is true and maybe in most cases it might be because as time goes on the overall health of the planet gets worse. In my opinion I do not believe that this is an obvious case for the future because I believe that there are next steps that we are missing in between that we can use instead of going straight to farming all of our food. I think that instead of going straight to farming we should find other ways to find sustainable resources and I think that as the human race we should all be thinking of ways to save our food production before we fall to the idea of needing to farm all of our food that we need.


    I agree with this. Genetic testing is by far a great way towards improving our food quality, however it must be taken with a tentative step. One wrong move and it could mean the end of an ecosystem. We should take other alternatives before resorting to it.


    Thats a great outlook on our current food production problems, it is better to find more sustainable ways to produce food, and conserve resources, rather than going straight to farming. Hopefully there will be a shift in the future to this way of thinking.


    Yes, I agree. We must take huge precautions to make sure our salmon will survive, even without our help.

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