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    Greenbergs four suggestions for societal changes in fishing patterns are:
    A profound prediction in fishing effort: Greenberg believes that we need to dramatically reduce the number of boats in the water, since we’re currently fishing at a rate of twice what the ocean can sustain.
    The conservation of significant portions of ocean ecosystem to no-catch areas: Greenberg believes that to restock fish populations costal countries need to dramatically increase the amount of protected coast line, especially around fish breeding sights and nursery habitat.
    The global protection of unmanageable species: Greenberg believes that unless there are actual conservation efforts by the world as a whole, there will always be other countries to take the place of those who leave the industry to protect the fish. Because of this he proposes an actual manner of holding countries figure out a way to collaborate to save species at risk of extinction.
    The protection of the bottom of the food chain: Since the ocean relies off the primary producers and primary consumers so heavily, Greenberg proposes that there be measures to protect the bottom of the food chain to ensure that the upper trophic levels have enough to eat.
    If I had to add a fifth proposal it would be that any farmed species has to pass some level of compatibility test. Through this test we could ensure that the domestication of species of fish such as cod doesn’t occur. Cod is the example for this because they are probably the worst species to have domesticated because of all the work that has to go into their development to ensure they reach maturity.

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