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    The four solutions proposed by greenberg were 1: A profound reduction in fishing effort, 2: The conversion of significant portions of ocean ecosystems to no-catch areas, 3: The global protection of unmanageable species and 4: The protection of the bottom of the food chain. I would say that I agree with Greenberg on these solutions, especially solutions 2 and 4. I like that he mentions the bottom of the food chain fish such as anchovies. These fish have such a large impact on ecosystems and provide food for so many fish who also may provide food for other fish and so on. But I wouldn’t say that he has covered everything here. I think that another solution would be to make these “No-catch’ areas a bit more regulated and not allow gertian boats or other marine vehicles in these areas either. It seems that a lot of water, fresh and marine, are overrun with people on boats. This disturbs the wildlife in the area and is also leaving behind a lot of pollution in the water. I think that by leaving some of these ecosystems alone for the most part would be very beneficial to their healing process. I would also say that we need to focus on a clean up of these areas too. Many places are polluted with plastics and old fishing nets and fishing lines that often entrap fish or cause them harm otherwise. By cleaning these areas up we would be able to further their overall health. Perhaps many people could also limit the amount of single use plastics and disposables they are using to encourage manufacturers to stop producing them.


    I tend to agree with you on this, it is important to not only protect the waterways but to also clean up the existing damage. If eliminating boating in these areas is not feasible, then perhaps a motor restriction could help. Initiatives to assist in clean up are also important and could prove invaluable to future generations of both fish and humans.

    Isabella Erickson

    I never thought about cleaning the waters, but now that I am it makes a lot of sense. Humans have left a lot of garbage in the ocean with an “out of site, out of mind” attitude that is certainly not helping fish.

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