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    If I were to give an overall rating of the health of our fish stocks instinctively I would say 7. The majority of my basis for this score of low health is mainly due to two things. The first being, I am an Alaska resident and my family subsistence fishes each year. Each . year we never know what to expect for the fishing season, not only has there been a steady decrease in the amount of fish we are able to catch each year, but there has been wild fluctuations in both run size, run timing, and individual fish size. The second and more factual basis on which I give our fish stocks this score is that this summer I worked for USFWS analyzing weir data reports and saw the downward trends in number of many types of salmon in Alaska. Though I only have a knowledge base of fish stocks around Alaksan waters, it could be a very good indicator of waters all around the world and there is much room for improvement in the management of fisheries and the health of the fish stocks.


    I completely agree! I go fishing every year with my boyfriend and his family on Prince of Whales Island and we never know what to expect. Last year we were concerned with how late the salmon were but then this year they were in abundance! I also agree with your statement about the Alaska waters being a good indicator for the waters around the world because Alaska has always been known for great outdoor sporting experiences and fishing has been so variable lately its scary.

    Kortney Birch

    As an Alaskan resident as well, I too have heard about the lack of fish this year. Sadly, it’s hard on small towns that rely on tourist fishers during the summer and on families who rely on fish as a food source. I agree that there is much room for improvement in global manners of obtaining fish.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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